With New Session and Administration on Horizon, PA Chamber Looks Toward Bipartisan Collaboration

With the 2022 General Election behind us, Pennsylvania will enter 2023 with a new Governor (Gov.-Elect Josh Shapiro); a new U.S. Senator (Sen.-Elect John Fetterman); and a state House under Democrat control and state Senate under Republican control. Of the 119 electoral candidates who were endorsed by ChamberPAC, the political arm of the PA Chamber, 110 of them were successful in their races!

We’re looking toward the coming session as a great opportunity to work with Gov.-Elect Shapiro and a dynamic, new slate of lawmakers on many bipartisan initiatives. We know we can build consensus moving forward because we have already demonstrated an ability to pass bipartisan initiatives! Take, for instance, the monumental tax reform package that reduced our Corporate Net Income Tax Rate in HALF by 2031 – from 9.99 percent (the second highest in the nation) to 4.99 percent (the 8th lowest!), along with other tax reforms that have already made Pennsylvania far more competitive.

We’re committed to keeping that momentum going in January. Our early priorities include continuing the phase-down of the Corporate Net Income Tax rate; criminal justice reform; infrastructure and broadband buildout; permitting reform and commonsense regulatory measures; additional workforce development initiatives; energy development; and more.

In a post-election congratulatory message, PA Chamber President and CEO Luke Bernstein summed up our optimistic, forward-focused approach to working together for PA despite having a divided government. “We proved, through the recent Corporate Net Income Tax reduction and other bipartisan initiatives, that Republicans and Democrats and come together and tackle big issues,” he said. “The PA Chamber looks forward to leading the way to foster that spirit of working together.”