Guest Column: Greetings from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry

By Nancy Walker, Acting Secretary

Note: The PA Department of Labor & Industry asked that we share the following message from Acting Secretary Nancy Walker with PA Chamber members.

Greetings from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry and thanks to the PA Chamber for agreeing to send this message around to their members.  In January, we turned the page to a new chapter in Pennsylvania’s story with the official transition to an administration under Governor Josh Shapiro. It is the honor and privilege of my career to be nominated by Governor Shapiro to serve as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry. I served alongside Governor Shapiro at the Attorney General’s Office as Chief of the Office’s newly created Fair Labor Section and I can tell you this about him: He wants Pennsylvania’s working families and businesses to thrive in an economy that offers endless opportunity and a level playing field. I share this vision and will work every day to see it realized.

I told Governor Shapiro that I would hit the ground running, and that’s what I’ve done. Since day one, my team and I have been thinking of ways to work with the stakeholders of this department who serve the people of Pennsylvania through advocacy for public-private partnerships that encourage innovation and fair policies that create a level playing field for business in the commonwealth. This department – by its very design – sits at a crossroads between critical constituencies that often see issues very differently. It is my intention, as Secretary, to overcome challenges by working with you and all other stakeholders toward good-faith solutions that serve workers, employers and all Pennsylvanians.

As we continue this collaboration, know that I am committed to sustained progress for Pennsylvania and its economic development. Together, we will foster innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities through our combined resources to enhance the commonwealth’s global competitiveness and Pennsylvanians’ quality of life. We will make Pennsylvania a destination for employers where they will find a skilled workforce and create an environment for talented Pennsylvanians to stay here because this is where they can find their dream job. My team will be laser-focused on workforce development initiatives that accomplish both objectives.

These goals become much more difficult to achieve without the support of our most engaged and committed stakeholders. That’s why I am reaching out today – to let you know that transparency and accountability are values that will guide my time in this role. Your ideas, questions and concerns are always welcome. Thank you for being a partner in this work. I can’t wait to accomplish great things with you.



Nancy A. Walker | Acting Secretary

PA Department of Labor & Industry

651 Boas Street, Room 1700 | Harrisburg, PA 17121-0750
Phone: 717-705-2630


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