PA Chamber, Missouri Chamber Engage in Friendly Super Bowl VII Bet for Brews and Foods

PA Chamber President and CEO Luke Bernstein and Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO Dan Mehan engaged in a friendly wager in advance of Super Bowl VII, with the winning team earning their respective state chamber a prize pack of famed beer and foods from the losing team’s home state.

In a press release announcing the bet, the PA Chamber offered up Yuengling beer, Hershey’s chocolate, Peeps marshmallow candies and Giorgio mushrooms, while the Missouri Chamber wagered Budweiser beer, Jack Stack’s barbeque, Burger’s Smokehouse ham and sausages and Cherry Mash candies. Unfortunately, with the Chiefs 38-35 victory, the PA Chamber will be sending the PA-based products to Missouri.

The high-profile bet received widespread news coverage in Pennsylvania and Missouri, highlights of which you can find in our In the News section.

The PA Chamber congratulates the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs on an incredible season. With plenty of young talent, some of the best coaches in the league, and world-class organizational leadership, we have no doubt the Eagles will be back in the Super Bowl soon.


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