PA Chamber Keeping Employers, Patients Top of Mind During Medical Marijuana Debates

As lawmakers prepare to convene in session and tackle their legislative priorities, one issue continues to attract attention – how to address Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana laws. It’s been almost seven years since the Commonwealth legalized medical marijuana, but a lack of clarity in the law is creating challenges – both for employers and for patients – and PA Chamber Vice President of Government Affairs Alex Halper stressed the need to address these ambiguities in recent interviews with Fox 43 and WGAL News 8.

Lawmakers are already introducing a host of bills related to marijuana, ranging from the often-debated, full-scale legalization of recreational marijuana use to a PA Chamber-backed proposal to address ambiguity in the medical marijuana  law by ensuring employers in safety-sensitive industries can maintain a safe work workplace. Further details on the litany of proposals this session can found in this Spotlight PA story.

Throughout the years, the PA Chamber’s position on medical marijuana has been consistent – the law should be clear for employers, employees, job candidates, and the public and employers must be able to maintain as safe of a worksite as possible. We’ll continue to advocate on this issue and report back to you on the status as it evolves in the coming months.

In the meantime, be sure to periodically check out the In the News section of our website, as our heavy presence in TV and news media on this hotly debated topic show how we’re leading on employers’ behalf.