EXIM Celebrates 90 Years of Service in 2024

For nine decades, the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) has played a critical role in fostering economic opportunity for U.S. companies and sustaining jobs for U.S. workers.

That mission began when EXIM was established by executive order on February 2, 1934, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to help U.S. companies and workers during the Great Depression. And it’s a mission that continues today as EXIM honors that history while charting a course toward the future.

To celebrate EXIM’s 90th anniversary, President and Chair Reta Jo Lewis is presenting a special video message to mark this milestone.

“Here at EXIM, we strive every day to honor that heritage and achieve our mission of supporting American jobs by facilitating U.S. exports,” Chair Lewis said. “We take particular pride in our ability to support small businesses across the nation. In fact, nearly 90 percent of the total number of EXIM’s authorizations directly benefit U.S. small businesses.”


EXIM President and Chair Reta Jo Lewis celebrates EXIM’s 90th Anniversary with a special message. You also can view her message here.

Building on a Lasting Legacy

Over the decades, EXIM has assisted with landmark projects around the world — from construction of the Burma Road and the Pan-American Highway to financing for the Marshall Plan and post-World War II reconstruction.

To underscore that historic heritage, EXIM is pleased to have FDR’s great-granddaughter, Sara Boettiger, serving on EXIM’s Advisory Committee as the agency moves forward, continuing to implement the same ideals upon which it was founded. EXIM’s roots date to a critical time in U.S. history, and as the world confronts unprecedented challenges, there are similarities when it comes to addressing those issues.

“There’s a lot of parallels, there’s a lot of echoes as to the era that we are in now,” said Sara Boettiger. “We’re in a very different era than we were two years ago, five years ago. But add to that climate change, a new era of industrial policy, energy security, challenges with food security globally. And you begin to see that the tools, and EXIM Bank being a critical one for managing in this future, are just so important for us.”

Helping American Businesses Win the Future

As EXIM looks to the future, it continues to seek new and innovative ways to meet the needs of its customers by offering financing tools that help U.S. businesses, of all sizes, export their American-made goods and services around the world, including:



“As EXIM celebrates our 90th anniversary in 2024, we want to reflect on our rich legacy,” Chair Lewis said. “We also want to look ahead — finding new ways to expand the options and strengthen our support so U.S. companies can compete successfully in the ever-changing global marketplace. So, if you are considering export opportunities in your own business, I hope you will think EXIM.”

To learn how EXIM can assist your business in starting or expanding your export journey, schedule a free consultation with a trade finance specialist today.