Risant Health: Accelerating Geisinger’s ability to make better health easier

Accelerating Geisinger’s ability to make better health easier


In April, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and Danville, PA-based Geisinger Health announced the launch of Risant Health, a new organization aimed at expanding access to value-based care in more communities across the country.


In becoming part of Risant Health, Geisinger will strengthen its ability to enhance its services to its patients, members and communities across Pennsylvania. In this innovative move, Geisinger will maintain its name and mission, and will continue to work with other health plans, employed physicians, and independent providers. Additionally, the system’s commitment to research and education will continue with the school of medicine, school of nursing, GME programs, and education-based partnerships remaining.


“Geisinger is excited for what joining Risant Health will mean both for our system and for the communities we serve in Pennsylvania,” said Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD, president and CEO of Geisinger Health- “Geisinger will be able to accelerate our vision and continue to invest in new and existing capabilities and facilities, while charting a path for the future of American health care, through Risant Health. Kaiser Permanente and Geisinger share a vision for the future of health care, and as the Risant Health name indicates, we believe by working together we will reach new heights in health care and raise the bar for better health for all communities.”


Anchored in outcomes and caring


Geisinger’s approach to care remains one anchored around outcomes and caring, and patients and members will continue to access and receive community-based care just as they always have. Consumers will continue to have choice and access to world-class healthcare services and health plans in Pennsylvania and beyond.


There is no one better in the industry to align with than Kaiser Permanente. The two organizations have complementary missions – focusing on providing top care and coverage to the communities they serve. Each organization is consistently innovating – with a focus on improving health outcomes through value-based care. And, as non-profits, their revenues are reinvested back into communities, not paid out to shareholders.


Retaining local autonomy over operations and strategy


The Risant Health operating model is designed to support local management autonomy over operations and strategy and preserve strong community engagement. At the same time, Geisinger will build on its foundation by benefitting from Risant Health’s value-based platform that offers the best in value-based care practices and capabilities in areas such as care model design, pharmacy, consumer digital engagement, health plan product development, and purchasing. As the first health system to become part of Risant Health, Geisinger will participate in developing the organization’s strategy and operational model.


Expanding the impact on health care through value-based care


Kaiser Permanente chose Geisinger for its industry-leading expertise and innovation. For more than a century, Geisinger has been a national leader in quality and delivering leading care, coverage, research, and education to Pennsylvania communities.


Much discussion around this news centers on value-based care. But what does that mean and how does it impact Pennsylvanians?  By Kaiser Permanente’s definition, value-based care is high-quality, affordable, evidence-based care that’s accessible, equitable, and delivers quality outcomes. Simply put, it’s bang for your buck. Value-based care is about aligning payment with what’s best for the patient – not just the services rendered when they get sick. Meanwhile, Geisinger -because it follows a value-based model – can provide services that don’t have billing codes in traditional fee-for-service healthcare. This includes programs like socialization, nutrition consultation, fitness classes and more. The organization has found in programs like these, it’s a win-win all around – care is better, people are healthier, and overall cost goes down.


As Geisinger President and CEO Jaewon Ryu, MD, JD, explained in a recent interview about the pending deal, “We’ve always believed Geisinger’s model in Pennsylvania … could be scaled to other places and benefit more people and communities. This ‘pluralistic’ approach to value-based care, across communities less dense than more urban areas, is a capability that complements Kaiser Permanente’s other capabilities. Through Risant Health, we see an opportunity to further enhance our model ana add to the suite of Risant Health capabilities so that more communities can benefit.”


An exciting time for health care in Pennsylvania


As nonprofit organizations with a legacy of innovation, Kaiser Permanente and Geisinger share a passion for providing exceptional healthcare and promoting better health outcomes. By bringing together the best of Kaiser Permanente with the skills and capabilities of Geisinger’s community-based health system, Risant Health can make high-quality, equitable, evidence-based care available to many more communities across the country and here in Pennsylvania.


NOTE: The transaction is subject to state and federal regulatory review and will close when that process is complete.