State & Federal Political Recap

Former University of Pittsburgh Chancellor to Chair State Redistricting Commission
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has selected former University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg to serve as the chair of the Legislative Redistricting Commission.  In this position, Nordenberg will oversee the commission’s work as it draws the new state legislative district boundaries, as well as taking Pennsylvania’s Congressional map from the current 18 seats to 17.  He’ll also serve as a tie-breaking vote if the commission (which consists of the Democratic and Republican floor leaders in the House and Senate) is unable to find agreement.  The Supreme Court had to step into the process when the commission members weren’t able to reach consensus on who the chair should be.  You can read more about Nordenberg’s appointment here.


Exercise Your Right to Vote This Primary Election!
The Pennsylvania primary election is next week and we are encouraging our members to exercise their right to vote.  In addition to several important state judicial positions on the ballot this year, there will also be legislative Special Elections coinciding with the Primary.  Don’t forget to check out the PA Chamber’s endorsed candidates for the Supreme Court Republican Primary, and the 48th Senate District and 60th House District Special Elections.  Voters will also have the opportunity to make their voice heard on three proposed constitutional ballots – we are strongly encouraging a YES vote on all three measures, including those to ensure that local representation is restored during current and future emergency disaster declaration decisions.  More information on these ballot measures is available at


Governor Wolf, Senate Republicans Square Off Over Executive Nominations, Use of Executive Orders
A disagreement over the Wolf administration’s circumventing the legislative process via the use of Executive Orders has reached a boiling point.  The latest salvo is Gov. Wolf’s Executive Order committing Pennsylvania to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  Frustrated with the lack of legislative input on such a major policy move, Senate Republicans told the governor via letter that they would not be confirming any of the governor’s Public Utility Commission nominees unless he agrees to remove the state from RGGI and instead submit the proposal to the legislature for deliberation.  The Wolf administration has yet to change course, taking the standoff one step further by firing approximately a dozen Republican appointees from their appointed positions and withdrawing several cabinet nominations from Senate consideration.  Additional background on the situation can be found here.


Potential Party Leadership Realignment on the Horizon for U.S. House GOP
Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives are undergoing some inter-party turmoil as members contemplate a potential change in conference leadership.  At the center of the storm is Congresswoman Liz Cheney, R-WY, who is currently serving as the House Republican Conference chair – the third highest ranking party position.  She has found herself at conflict with the conservative wing of the party, many of whom have decried her lack of support for former President Donald Trump.  Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, R-NY, has been rumored as a possible replacement if Cheney does in fact get ousted from her leadership position.  Cheney is not backing down from the conflict, arguing in a Washington Post op/ed that the party is at a turning point and that it’s time to set a new course.


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