Broadband Expansion Key Piece to Infrastructure Puzzle

When people think of ‘infrastructure’, their minds might automatically conjure images of roads and bridges, but it’s so much more than that – ports, rails, pipelines for water and energy resources, public transit …. think anything that helps us sustain our modern-day way of life. Not only is infrastructure a far-reaching issue, our infrastructure network needs to be modern and safe for every business and resident to move around and access goods and services at their most efficient.

The Pennsylvania Chamber believes that providing a reliable infrastructure network is a core function of state government. As technological demands on the system have increased, so should the corresponding investment – which we were glad to see happen at the federal level in recent months. Technological advances such as broadband – AKA, continuous high-speed internet – aren’t just a convenience, but a necessity for ALL businesses in 21st century America, no matter their size or industry sector. The problem is that in some areas of the state (particularly rural areas), service can be anywhere from spotty to nonexistent.

As a leading advocate for broadband deployment in all regions of the Commonwealth, the PA Chamber is hosting a free, upcoming webinar that will provide an overview of broadband innovation and share what companies are doing to expand broadband access across the Commonwealth.

We hope you can join us on Thursday, March 31, from 10:30 a.m. to Noon where the President of the Broadband Communications Association of Pennsylvania will give a broadband expansion overview. Then, a panel of experts from associations and state government will then describe the role that Pennsylvania’s newly created broadband authority will play in implementing the spending of federal broadband dollars provided through the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.  We hope you can join us!