Gov. Shapiro Promises to Prioritize Economy as Administration Gets Underway

In an optimistic inaugural address this week, Gov. Josh Shapiro offered a bright and hopeful vision of Pennsylvania, a contrast to the grey January skies.

His top policy priorities in his early days as the Commonwealth’s 48th governor are those a Pennlive story called the “so-called kitchen-table issues:” education, public safety and the economy. These issues are of critical importance to our nearly 10,000 members, their workforce and families, which is why the PA Chamber is advocating for an economy where people from every socio-economic background can find real opportunities to thrive.

The PA Chamber is excited to collaborate with Gov. Shapiro and lawmakers in the House and Senate on areas in which we can ensure those brighter tomorrows are possible. That includes committing to the planned phase down of the Corporate Net Income Tax – which was lowered to 8.99 percent as of Jan. 1 and is scheduled for gradual annual reductions until it reaches 4.99 percent in 2031; along with other reforms that can streamline and make Pennsylvania’s Tax Code even more competitive. Permitting reforms could also reduce the time it takes to complete economy-boosting projects and bring jobs and opportunity to rural and urban regions alike. Workforce development initiatives can tap into new and underserved pools of talent, filling job gaps and offering new talent for future generations of Pennsylvania workers. And a well-funded, modern infrastructure network can do wonders for our competitiveness and keep us connected to the ever-changing global economy.

We share Gov. Shapiro’s enthusiasm about what we can do when we work together for the benefit of the people – our effort to get the tax reform package enacted last year was proof of that – and we look forward to all we can achieve in the session to come.

To check out our legislative priority list for the 2023-24 session, click here.