Advocacy. Networking. Educating. The PA Chamber Does it All!

Headquartered across from the state Capitol Building in Harrisburg, but with staff statewide, the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry is everywhere in the Keystone State and working toward one mission – to build a stronger Pennsylvania for every citizen. As we head into 2023, now is a great time to familiarize readers with the PA Chamber – what we do, who we work for and with, and what we hope to achieve in the upcoming legislative session. Let’s get into it!

  1. We Work Together

We are Pennsylvania’s foremost advocates for business growth – and when we achieve commonsense economic wins by partnering with bipartisan allies, the victory is even sweeter. This year was full of these wins – the monumental cut in the Corporate Net Income Tax rate (from 9.99 percent to 4.99 percent by 2031); the exemption from an Unemployment Compensation tax increase that would have devastated small businesses; and a new law that’s laying the groundwork for autonomous vehicle development in Pennsylvania and creating new opportunities in this exciting tech industry. Each of these issues received strong support from members of both parties in the General Assembly and Gov. Tom Wolf and were driven in partnership with of our member businesses and local chambers of commerce.


  1. We Advocate for Economic Growth

We are proud to have built a first-class Government Affairs team with decades of combined government and advocacy experience. With their grasp on employer-centric issues, an unwavering belief in our mission, and a strong relationship network in the state Capitol, our Government Affairs team has earned the trust of our nearly 10,000 members across Pennsylvania. The team includes:

  • Vice President of Government Affairs Alex Halper.
    • Key issues – Labor/Employment; Education; Workforce Development; Local Tax Policy; International Trade; Immigration
  • Director of Government Affairs Kevin Sunday.
    • Key issues – Energy and Environment; Transportation; Infrastructure
  • Director of Political Engagement Allison Coccia.
    • Key issues – ChamberPAC management, Government Affairs Event management; State Tax reform
  • Director of Government Affairs Neal Lesher.
    • Key issues – Healthcare; Legal Reform; Tax Reform
  1. We Educate Business Leaders

In addition to advancing public policy aimed at improving Pennsylvania’s business climate, we also educate professionals on the latest laws and regulations at numerous events year-round. Our HR, energy and environmental, and IT/infrastructure conferences (to name a few) showcase leading speakers on the issues impacting your industry, allowing you to learn, gain advice, and earn continuing education credits along the way. We encourage you to bookmark and regularly check out the Events section of our website, where we are always adding on-demand content that responds to the training needs of our broad-based membership.



  1. We Get Things Done

From the historic CNI reduction to stopping an unfair unemployment compensation tax increase on 3,000 businesses and enacting a regulatory framework for the production and deployment of autonomous vehicles, we achieved many pro-business policy wins in the 2021-22 session. You can read these victories and others in our End-of-Session report. Our members are proud of the work we are able to accomplish on their behalf – and next session, we will be concentrating on everything from continuing to phase down the CNI and other tax reforms to permitting reform and more, all to continue making PA a prime hub of economic growth and opportunity!

  1. We Promote Our Members

We never stop celebrating the amazing things our members do. We are proud to tout their special projects, awards, milestones, and other achievements in our member-centric blog, The Current, on a weekly basis in stories and social media. And team members from PA Chamber President Luke Bernstein to our dynamic membership staff regularly meet in person with our members to let them know that their voice matters – no matter the size of their company or where they are located.

  1. We Celebrate Our Victories

We’re always working to change PA for the better but take time to celebrate when our efforts pay off. Since the monumental tax reform package passed along with the 2022-23 state budget we touted the achievement at events with our local chamber partners, and our team visits with and thanks those who help bring huge wins for Pennsylvania to the finish line.  We know there’s leadership in partnerships; and we encourage businesses to get engaged with their local chambers of commerce and spread the message of working together. That one voice is even more dynamic in influencing change at the state and federal level!

  1. We Reach Across the Aisle

Back in 2018, Pennsylvania passed a first-of-its kind Clean Slate bill to help non-violent criminal offenders find work. This was the first time the PA Chamber got involved in criminal justice reform – but it certainly was not the last. Helping employers fill vacant jobs and reentrants get back into the workforce is a win-win, and this critical issue is just one of many we are excited to continue our work on with lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle in the upcoming session.

  1. We Make Connections

Being a PA Chamber member gets you exclusive access to a robust network of lobbyists, business leaders, elected officials, and more. Our team is eager and prepared to answer your questions, guide you to the right people, and connect you with decision makers who influence public policies that shape your world. We also host events throughout the year that allow you to exhibit and network with colleagues, mentors, and leaders in your field.




  1. We Help Employers Offer Quality, Affordable Worker Benefits

The Pennsylvania Chamber doesn’t only represent employers – we aim to build satisfied and healthy workforces, too. Our for-profit insurance company, PA Chamber Insurance, helps employers offer quality plans that fit their budgets and attract and retain the employees they value. As one of the largest health care buying coalitions in PA, PCI partners with every major health insurer in the state to allow for a unique array of products and services; and our specialty lines of coverage let our customers explore benefit options ranging from dental to vision, life, disability and more. For your business, your people, and your health – PCI has you covered!

  1. We Drive Pennsylvania Forward

Our broad-based legislative agenda is full of optimism about what Pennsylvania can become if we work together. By enacting smart, pro-growth policies; touting our many assets (including a great geographic location, a hard-working and diverse population, vast natural resources, a robust infrastructure, and more); and advocating with civility, the PA Chamber leads through bipartisan policy achievement even in a polarized political climate. Our future looks bright, and the best time to affect positive change is now.