Member Sponsored Webinars

The Pennsylvania Chamber is pleased to expand its comprehensive educational programming to include Member Sponsored Webinars. These co-branded webinars are offered at no cost to attendees and provide PA Chamber members with an opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise on a range of topics that are key to the business community. Webinars are archived below and are available for viewing one year after the recording date.

If you are interested in engaging a targeted B2B audience and positioning your company as an industry leader through quality online educational programming, reserve a Member Sponsored Webinar today! To learn more about the valuable sponsor benefits offered, click here or contact Adam Friscia717.720.5569 |

COVID Relief You Can’t Afford to Overlook: Utilizing the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC)

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) was originally established by the CARES Act in March 2020. Eligible businesses can receive direct refund payments of up to $26,000 per W2 employee. Even if your business received PPP funds or didn’t experience a decline in revenue, you may still be eligible for ERTC.


Presented in partnership with the PA Chamber of Business and Industry, VerusGP will provide expert knowledge about the ERTC program. If your company was previously told it did not qualify, the ERTC program has evolved significantly over time, and you may now be eligible.


Program Highlights:

  • Overview of the ERTC program
  • Discussion on eligibility for the ERTC program
  • Learn if your business qualifies for the ERTC program


Following the speakers’ presentation, the panel will engage in a moderated Q&A session.


This program is a free Member Sponsored Webinar and is open to Pennsylvania’s business community. The PA Chamber thanks VerusGP for their partnership.

Keys to Wellbeing and Building Resilience in Ourselves and Others

Top clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Diller of WellSpan EAP and WellSpan Health will discuss the latest research on the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of COVID-19 with emphasis on employee wellbeing.  He will offer practical strategies and resources that businesses can use to support and connect with employees.


Presented in partnership with WellSpan Health, this free program is designed to help employers better serve the wellness needs of their workforce now and beyond the pandemic.


Program Highlights:

  • Attendees will be able to identify multiple lessons learned from the pandemic that will aid in supporting good mental health, with specific focus on the power of human connection
  • Attendees will be able to identify specific strategies in supporting the psychological and wellbeing of their fellow coworkers
  • Attendees will have access to resources that lead to actionable steps in growing resilience and supporting good mental health


Following the speaker’s presentation, Dr. Diller will engage in a moderated Q&A session.


This program is a free Member Sponsored Webinar and is open to Pennsylvania’s business community.  The PA Chamber thanks WellSpan Health for their partnership.

2022 Infrastructure Roundtable, Part III: Logistics, Ports, and Today’s Supply Chain

Pennsylvania’s water-borne commerce industry is critical to the steady flow of goods to the Northeast corridor and to the overall health of the state and regional economy.


In the 2022 Infrastructure Roundtable Part III: Logistics, Ports and Today’s Supply Chain, an expert from the Port of Philadelphia will describe the Port’s key role in Pennsylvania’s infrastructure network, and provide a history on how the Port has overcome supply chain problems to get products moving along as quickly as possible. Then, a panel will discuss the challenges businesses face while coming out of the pandemic, innovative ways they have learned to move their products, and much more.

Solar Energy: Impacting Pennsylvania Consumers, Businesses & Communities

Pennsylvania’s competitive energy markets have encouraged billions in private capital investment in the state. Solar is currently the leading energy resource for new projects. With less government regulation, solar power can create jobs, save money for consumers, and help support family farms. The resulting economic growth can provide a reliable and consistent revenue stream for rural communities, saving local taxpayers and helping to fund critical infrastructure, public health, and safety services.


Presented in partnership with Cypress Creek Renewables, the PA Chamber is proud to offer an upcoming free webinar, “Solar Energy: Helping Pennsylvania Consumers, Businesses & Communities.”


Program Highlights:


  • Overview of where solar deployment stands in Pennsylvania
  • Discussion of the ways in which solar deployment can lower electricity costs for consumers
  • Presentation of analysis on customer savings realized through different kinds of solar energy deployment


Following the speakers’ presentation, the panel will engage in a moderated Q&A session.


This program is a free Member Sponsored Webinar and is open to Pennsylvania’s business community.  The PA Chamber thanks Cypress Creek Renewables for their partnership.

FREE Health Benefit Alliance Webinar: A Group Health Plan Employers and Employees Can Afford

Are you an employer who has had difficulty finding an affordable benefits plan option for your employees?  Manufacturers, home healthcare providers, restaurants and daycares are only a few of the industries that have historically struggled in this regard.


Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance (PCI) is pleased to present the “Health Benefit Alliance Webinar: A Group Health Plan Employers and Employees Can Afford,” a FREE event designed to provide business leaders with a new – and affordable – insurance option that gives them the ability to choose from various plans with fixed costs, no required census, no employee contribution minimum and no deductibles, among other attractive benefits.


In this FREE, no commitment informational webinar, insurance experts will share details of PCI’s new Health Benefit Alliance partnership and answer attendee questions about how this program – which has attracted more than 60,000 members since its inception in 2016 – can become an affordable employee benefits option for your company.


Among the program’s highlights include:

  • How the hybrid, level-funded HBA platform can offer affordable health benefits for employers to offer to every employee – including part-time, seasonal and “gig” workers
  • An overview of the broad array of plan designs that employers can choose from, allowing for both standard and supplemental coverage
  • Information about other insurance benefits available through the program

Following the presentation, participants will have an opportunity to engage in Q&A with the speakers.

Government Affairs Roundtable

In-person registration is now closed.

Virtual registration – contact Adam Friscia at


Join the PA Chamber for the April Government Affairs Roundtable. This FREE INVESTOR MEMBER event is a high-value benefit designed to provide you with the latest legislative and political information. You’ll hear from keynote speaker, PA State Senator Ryan Aument, Majority Caucus Secretary. A legislative update by the PA Chamber’s Government Affairs staff will immediately follow Senator Aument’s presentation.


Lunch is provided for in-person attendees. Registration is now closed.

Virtual program will begin at noon.

2nd Annual Equality and Diversity Summit

Companies across the Commonwealth are working tirelessly to ensure that they are listening to employees’ needs, hiring, inspiring and lifting up the diverse people who represent the unique fabric of their communities.  The Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation is proud to present the Second Annual Equality and Diversity Summit as a forum for leaders in corporate diversity to share how they are breaking down barriers, fostering honest conversations and creating work environments where people feel empowered to learn, work and grow as the best professional versions of themselves.


The day’s agenda will feature conversations that can help companies not only retain employees but attract the talented and diverse workforce of tomorrow. This includes:

  • A conversation from a former parolee-turned-project manager on the importance of businesses looking to their “sidelines” for talent and peer-to-peer mentorship and inspiration;
  • A discussion on how 84 Lumber’s new “Build the Way” Initiative is working to make a difference in the lives of small business, women-owned and minority business owners;
  • A panel discussion showcasing how Hershey Entertainment and Resorts has successfully built and strengthened its inclusive in-house team; and
  • A keynote discussion on how unconscious bias training can help your company retain and attract the next generation of talent.

2022 Annual IT Security Conference

Threats to your business’s cyber security network aren’t always the hallmark of outside saboteurs – in fact, many threats come from “bad apple” employees on the inside. Learn how to identify, combat and prevent inner data security threats – among other key issues facing IT today – at the PA Chamber’s 2022 Information Technology Security Conference.

The first presentation of the half-day conference will inform you how to combat internal IT threats – including the steps you should take; how to protect the evidence for internal and court purposes; when to let corporate leadership take the reins on the case, and more. Conference attendees will also hear from a number of other renowned IT experts on a variety of hot topics, including:

  • Best practices for staying ahead of the game with ever-changing security compliance standards;
  • How conducting penetration tests are a great way to identify and address security vulnerabilities;
  • The most frequent attacks on businesses and how to deal with them; and
  • What IT professionals should expect in the changing workplace and some of the top IT legal challenges facing companies.

A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided at this in-person event.

Ninth Annual Economic Forecast and Business Leadership Summit

Back by popular demand! Learn about the current and future outlook for Pennsylvania and the nation’s economies, and business leadership lessons that will help your company thrive despite today’s challenges, at this valuable half-day event that is being co-hosted for the ninth year by the PA Chamber and the PA Bankers Association.

This year’s summit will feature a keynote by PA Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, R-Centre, who will discuss his take on the state budget proposal for FY 2022-23 and its impact on business; an economic forecast conversation at both the state and federal level by a leading chief economist; and a presentation – “6-5-7: How to Lead and Thrive During Uncertainty,” that will teach the audience how to anticipate and prepare for challenges; be adept at change; and keep themselves and their team focused and healthy as they plan for a vibrant future.

Breakfast will be provided at this year’s in-person event.

2022 Infrastructure Roundtable, Part II: Broadband Expansion and Deployment: Challenges and Opportunities for Pennsylvania

The world is more interconnected than ever thanks to broadband technology, which is why broadband deployment is so critical to Pennsylvania’s overall infrastructure investment strategy.

During this free webinar, the president of the Broadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania will provide an overview of broadband innovation and share what companies are doing to expand broadband access across the Commonwealth. Then, a panel of experts from associations and state government will talk about the role that Pennsylvania’s newly created broadband authority will play in implementing the spending of the federal broadband dollars that are being provided through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

PCI Specialty Benefits Webinar

Employers want to keep their employees feeling valued and appreciated – and providing them with affordable benefits that recognize and help mitigate the challenges they face in today’s uncertain world are a great way to do that. Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance is proud to present this webinar to cover a variety of cost-effective specialty benefits that PCI can offer to their employees in 2022 – including competitively priced dental, vision, life and disability plans with guaranteed issue and no minimum participation requirements.

The webinar will also highlight two additional new programs through MetLife that can help bring employees some peace of mind in these challenging times. For a low price, employees can access MetLife Legal Plans that can connect them with a network of 18,000 highly qualified attorneys to represent them on a variety of common, personal legal matters. Additionally, MetLife Pet Insurance can help your employees weather the cost of unexpected veterinary bills and other costly medical treatments for their furry family members.

To print the program flyer, click here.

This program is a free PCI-sponsored webinar and is open to Pennsylvania’s business community. To learn more about PCI, click here.

DEP Quarterly Winter Meeting

Join us for DEP Quarterly as we engage in policy discussions with key regulators and executive staff. The PA Chamber hosts these forums—open to PA Chamber members only—to proactively discuss pressing regulatory issues, legislation, policy decisions and other initiatives that affect your business. The forum will be held through an online video conference platform.

The Future of 5G in Pennsylvania

With businesses operating remotely and schools teaching virtually, connectivity has never been more important. As broadband and mobile data demands increase, our communications infrastructure is critical in meeting the growing demand that is being placed on our networks.

5G networks will offer faster connection speeds and increase data capacity, which will pave the way for the Internet of Things to flourish. Innovations in healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, agriculture, and many other industries will grow exponentially with 5G.

Presented in partnership with Crown Castle, the program provides an in-depth look at:

  • 5G technology and why it is so important that companies embrace it
  • The advantages 5G will bring to company networks
  • The challenges to implementing 5G
  • The top five steps companies should be doing now to prepare and implement their communications systems for 5G
  • Best practices for monitoring and securing 5G

To learn more about Crown Castle, please click here.